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  • A coffee break that pays off

    About us

    Become a networker is an organization that consists one of the highest performing businesses within
    Network Marketing (NM) and Multi Level Marketing (MLM).
    Today we represent different business units in the FMCG Industry (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).
    Our mission is to become the most profitable player in the NM/MLM industry.
    There are three key 
    reasons for why we can achieve this. We are a top tier team headed by top networkers, with a significant and proven track record.
    We have spent a tremendous effort building an intelligent digital system that attracts leads and turn them into active clients or partners. 
    We work with one of the best NM/MLM companies in the world and benefit from their wide
    range of quality consumer products.
    As of today the team has both prove of concept and prove of business.

    Become-a-networker.com is owned and operated by Academy For Networkers ApS.
    Academy For Networkers ApS was established to help independent home business builder’s, team leaders and companies fill a major gap: Effective training tools and Multi regional lead generation.
    Our innovative and effective tools are driven and used by some of the worlds most successful marketeers and lead generation experts.
    What started as a need for ourselves and our teams, ended up becoming something everyone demanded and needed and that’s how Academy For Networkers ApS was created.
    We believe we differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing this multi regional lead generation system thats easy to use for everyone.
    Our tools and systems are used by thousands of independent team leaders around the world generating them thousands of leads every single day.